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May there be peace in the entire universe.


To comment on our progress, ask a question, make a suggestion or to get in touch with administration, please contact: admin@galacticat.com.

Galacticat is currently under operation by a single entity and is looking to advance as efficiently as possible.

Our primary concern is the Milky Way Galaxy, especially Earth and it's surrounding extraterrestrial atmosphere.

Q: Why do we operate on an 'Intergalactic' level?

A: As of 2013, human beings are evolving to become interplanetary. We were once small tribes, villages and even great agricultural cities; today however, we operate on a multi-dimensional cosmic plane on a metaphysical level and in the world of physics and advanced sciences, we are creating wormholes, black holes, smashing atoms and manipulating dark-matter energy. Meanwhile the shores of our cities are suffering due to the out-dated and uninformed decisions made by fading corporations; the same decisions that created unsubstantiated wealth for particular individuals at the expense of entire countries. We ARE the future of hierarchal operations. As an International Corporation we are working toward making decisions on protocols for our planet, our children and all species who inhabit this world. As space-age explorers, it is of monumental importance to be impeccable in our operations so as not to expand our pollution beyond our atmosphere, the truth is, human beings have already created trillions of dollars worth of "space-junk" that without proper reclamation will create space litter across our galaxy and if unprevented, across the universe.

"This is the most vital time to act in reversing the damage that has been done."

Q: What can be done?

A: Every decision we make creates an impact. The act of recycling the minutest piece of plastic--the freshness seal of a carton of orange juice for example, seems ridiculous to some. However, the truth is that with an exponentially increasing population of over 7 billion human beings with a lower mortality rate than previous centuries, that little extra effort goes a long way. Imagine the mountain of those little plastic freshness seals of all time. If you were to take one of those seals and put it outside on the ground, how long would it take for it to disintegrate? Chances are, you will be looking at it for a very, very long time. Human beings according to the Buddha are all inherently good, but this generation has been poorly raised; if we don't make corrections now, our children's children will be living in a post-apocalyptic junkyard--Never may that happen!

One month ago, one of our branches called "Earth Initiative" did a little experiment. We cleaned up a local bridge between residential and commercial property. The result was outstanding! All the litter was cleaned up, the birds were singing brighter songs and the local residents were smiling. Today, the area is littered up once again. Is it the youth? Not entirely. One of our agents has been working diligently on bridging the gap between the highly educated aristocratic societies and the underground world in hopes of creating global unity. "There is much to be done."

"It's going to take more than posting a picture of Jesus to help these kids."

Q: What kind of corporation is Galacticat?

A: Galacticat bridges the gap between corporate structures. The founder has been paying for all expenses out of pocket since 2007 as the filing for 501(3)C will not be made until all 12 Board Members have been selected. What makes Galacticat unique as a corporation is that it operates on all levels. One of the difficulties in selecting a corporate structure is it's classification.

-Operating with Holy Spirit would call Galacticat a religious organization.
-Concern for legislating global operations would call us a government organization.
-Protecting our planet, environment and residents would make us a non-profit organization.
-Blessing our employees and their families with a home, food and reasonable amenities could make us a corporation.

"Our focus isn't about accumulating vast amounts of wealth for personal gain, but rather redirecting it towards a Heavenly Kingdom."

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Volunteers are needed on all levels in all locations. If one has free time and would like to work with Galacticat, please contact us at: admin@galacticat.com

Galacticat does not solicit information or donations. We do not send out paper mailers requesting contributions. To become an investor or to make a donation, please contact:admin@galacticat.com.

"Every blessing is a gift of God, both great and small."


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